gay teen love


  1. prienc says:

    Finely boys that know how to f**k right.

  2. Hugh Corston says:

    Gosh, the dark-haired boy is pretty excited. He keeps his boner through the whole thing. And it’s a beauty, as is he. And I agree with you, Prienc!

  3. Hugh Corston says:

    I’d last about 10 seconds with the dark-haired boy. Whoops! Can’t hold it back:-) Let’s have a coffee or a beer and we’ll start all over again. He’s got a beautiful little body and a nice dick. Dream boy.

    1. prienc says:

      I agree 10 seconds with ether one both are o gash hot

  4. Michael R says:

    This two show keep their day job, because when it comes to fucking that top has nothing to work with. It looked like this bottom was on a training mission. His butt hole was welling, but that was about all. He was making noises and that topper hadn’t even got his dick hard.

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